Sell your clothes online to Tradesy!

Being a new stay at home mom I’m on a mission to find the ultimate work at home venture to financially support the family. Being a shopaholic I absolutely loved the idea of the websites selling second hand designer clothing at such bargain prices! So I have tried them all from Thredup to Thead Flip , The Real Real, Recycle Your Fashions, Dreasm, Klury, Twice Clothing, you name it I’ve tried it. After trying them all I always find myself coming back to Tradesy.

There are several different reason’s I prefer Tradesy over the other competitors. First and foremost it’s super user friendly and we always love what comes to us easiest. To set up an account and start selling clothes out of your closet it takes 5 minutes at the most. You sign up, link your paypal account and your done. Second, I love that Tradesy cleans the background out of your first picture so that every items looks very professional and more inviting for a buyer to purchase the item. Tradesy also offers different options on shipping out the sold merchandise and you can chose which option works best for you as a seller. A seller can have a shipping kit mailed to their home that consist of a shipping envelop with prepaid shipping attached. If you don’t wish to wait for a shipping kit to arrive you can print a prepaid shipping label from your computer, package the item yourself, and just drop it in the mailbox without having to visit the post office. You also have the option to purchase your own shipping label and provide your own packaging. This is the option that I choose and the reason I prefer this option is that Tradesy will deduct between $7.00 to $9.50 depending on size of the item from your earnings to use their shipping methods. I usually sell tops that weigh less than 13 oz. so I can personally ship these myself using First Class Mail for as little as $2.50 so it maximizes my earnings. If I sell bigger items such as coats or full suits than I do use their shipping methods because it is cheaper to use theirs than to ship bigger items myself.

I have been using Tradesy for over a year now and I have never had any problems. If a buyer returns an item that they purchased for any reason such as the items did not fit, or they simply just did not like the item then Tradesy accepts the return and post the item back up for sale and there is no penalty to the original seller. As long as the description of your item was accurate then you keep the money from the sale just as if there was not a problem at all. That benefit of Tradesy can be a reason all in itself when dealing with customer service these days.

I believe Tradesy received the most traffic than all of their online competitors also. I’ve had the same items for sale on Thead Flip for months and still have never made a sale. I sell a item on Tradesy every 3 days at the least and sometimes 2 or 3 items a day. It definitely makes for a nice side income when you’re making daily sales. I’ve made up to $400 in one month just from clothes in the back of my closet I don’t wear anymore.

Now I’ve been finding myself hitting the .99 cent rack at the thrift store for brand name clothing and listing them for sale on Tradesy. I vow not to pay more than .99 cent because if the item does not sell I don’t want any big losses on a little side project.

My last reason why I’m totally Team Tradesy is that their fee’s that they deduct for using their service to sell your clothing is only 9%. That is the lowest I have found on any of the sites that provide consignment services. Plus the continuous traffic flow the site received provides a greater demand for the clothing and makes a sellers earnings higher than any other site alike. You can withdraw your earnings to a paypal account at anytime you wish without having a minimum amount to withdraw. Once you withdraw it takes about 24 hours to reach your paypal account. The site reads that a withdraw of earning takes 3 days but in my experience I have never had it takes more than 24 hours. I have even had it in my paypal without a couple of hours.

If you are looking to make some extra cash for your fall/winter wardrobe and you are interested in selling some of your clothes just make one stop and try Tradesy!The process is a breeze, you clothing won’t be turned away because they are not a particular brand, and you’ll be making money in as little as a week. Good luck and if you have any questions I’m your girl!